Camp (n.)

a place with temporary accommodations of huts, tents, or other structures, typically used by soldiers, refugees, prisoners, or travelers. Verb: Camping, “Camping in North Idaho is the best.”
synonyms: campsite, campground, encampment, bivouac

Take a Hike | Scotchman Peaks

Scotchman Peaks is an iconic trail located just outside of Clark Fork, Idaho. The steep, 4-mile hike up into the ...
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Backpacking to Fault Lake

July was a crazy month starting out in Greece and then heading straight to the Clearwater for Megan and Dylan's ...
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Motorcycle trip to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs | Stuck in North Idaho

Road Trip | Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

Way back in May we took a weekend trip southeast and landed at Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. If memory serves ...
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Bike the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park | Stuck in North Idaho

Biking Going to the Sun Road | Glacier National Park

This summer has been spent on two wheels, a change of pace in comparison to past summers spent hiking and ...
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Hike to Revett Lake near Murray, Idaho | Stuck in North Idaho

Take a Hike | A Birthday Hike to Revett Lake

As I sit down to write this, I have to say that my heart is very full. You see, my ...
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Escape to the Sawtooths and Redfish Lake

After record-breaking heat, a trip to Redfish Lake was just what we needed. This post is brought to you in partnership ...
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Wild River

Rafting the Salmon River - Riggins, ID Nestled along the Salmon River in the canyons of central Idaho is the ...
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Road Trip: Leavenworth, Part 3

Shop and sight see... check. Party at Oktoberfest... check. Explore the beautiful mountains and river... here we go! Due to ...
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Road Trip: Leavenworth, Part 2

Our trip to Leavenworth wasn't just for shopping and sightseeing. The main purpose for the trip was to check out ...
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Road Trip: Leavenworth, Part 1

As many of you may know, Kyle, my parents and I ventured over to to the beautiful Cascades to experience, ...
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A little cabin time

It's amazing how a little time away can make you feel recharged and give you a positive boost. In an ...
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Camping along the St. Joe

With fires raging in Washington and a cold front pushing the smoke west into Coeur d’Alene it was nice to ...
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Float the Coeur d'Alene River before summer's over.

Float On

Float the Coeur d'Alene River before summer's gone for good It's August. Which in North Idaho translates to: It's time ...
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A quick trip to Riley Creek

This weekend we made a quick, one-night  trip up to Riley Creek Recreational Area to meet up with my family ...
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Climbing 2,600 feet – Biking Bernard Peak

According to our 26th President "There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can ...
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Camping love

I hope everyone had a fantastic Ironman weekend! I think I may have mentioned this before, but so far every ...
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