This Weekend: Top 5 things you need for Cougar Football Saturday

September 12, 2014

This Weekend North Idaho

You guys, this is an extra special This Weekend post. Why? Because this weekend marks Wazzu’s first home game of the season and I (the lucky girl that I am) will be sporting my crimson and gray at the new and improved Martin Stadium. Go Cougs!

In honor of this very special weekend, I bring you my first attempt at a link-up with one of my favorite blogs, Venus Trapped in Mars. Without further ado, here’s my…

Top five things you need for cougar football saturday

  1. Tickets
    I feel like this one is obvious. There are several ways to go about getting said tickets, the easiest being knowing someone with season tickets that can’t make it to the game and you can score them for free. Sa-weet! Way two would be purchasing tickets online and paying potentially up to $90 for seats (go the free route whenever possible). The third way is to hope and pray there will be people scalping their tickets outside the stadium. I don’t know how often this happens, but I’m sure it does. Finally, if you fail at all of those, you can always be one of the sad onlookers standing outside of the stadium, attempting to get glimpses for free. At least you might be able to see the new scoreboard.

    Cougs rush the field
    Aww… look at me and my bestie Alex back in the day. This is circa 2007.
  2. Lots of layers and a blanket
    I think everyone in the Inland Northwest knows this, but in case you’re blissfully unaware – it gets freakin’ cold when the sun goes down. Even though it may feel like 90 degrees when you’re packed in the stands and the hot Palouse sun is beating on you, once it sets be prepared to freeze. I fully expect your blanket to be made of cougar fleece and the edges tied in cute little fringe knots.

    Alex rocked both the face tat and the wig. Here my friends, we have a pro.
  3. Face tattoos, a crazy wig, hat, or beads. Actually, wear all of the aforementioned.
    Believe me, you’ll be the stand-out weirdo that isn’t rocking crimson and gray on every part of your body.IMG_5589.JPG
  4. All the Cougar pride you can possibly muster
    Let’s just say, if the first two games are telling, it could be yet another rough season for Cougar football.IMG_0874.JPG
  5. Souvenirs
    No trip to P-town is complete without at least one souvenir. Whether it’s a free pom-pom or a brand new hoodie, take-homes are a must to keep you sustained for the remainder of the season. May I suggest the Cougar Gold cheese?

What would you include in your “Top 5” list? I am so looking forward to great quality time with the family at the game tomorrow.

As always, Go Cougs!


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    1. I hope you have a lot of fun and that your team wins!

      I am having a hard time imagining cold weather. I’m from Southern California and it’s supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend.

      1. Thank you! It’s hard to believe just a month ago we were close to 100 degrees and today I literally had to scrape frost off my car. Fall is heading our way quick!

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