Wild River

Rafting the Salmon River - Riggins, ID Nestled along the Salmon River in the canyons of central Idaho is the town of Riggins. With a population of just over 400, it can be easy to miss unless you need a place to stop off for gas or grab a bite to eat. I've passed through this tiny town many, many times over the years and never once made it a stopping point or final destination. It's best known as a…

Float the Coeur d'Alene River before summer's over.

Float On

Float the Coeur d'Alene River before summer's gone for good It's August. Which in North Idaho translates to: It's time to cram in everything you haven't gotten to do yet before fall gets here and it's suddenly too cold to be outside not in a parka. One thing that should definitely be on your list is to float the North Fork of the Cd'A River. Not only is it beautiful and a great way to see some wildlife, it's completely…