On going gluten free

Why I had to go gluten free almost a year ago, and what I’ve learned. Warning: this post may include content related to things that ladies don’t typically discuss on the internet. Be warned and rejoice in the fact we live in a time where women are allowed to talk about poop.I had been sick all week. Sick enough to miss work, go to the doctor and camp out on the couch; but not sick enough to miss out on…

Five Years

Five years ago my best friend and I made the decision to live life together. On a blustery September 5 in 2010, my father walked me down the aisle, lined with our family and friends. We held hands and promised to love each other, support each other and forever honor a commitment to work as a team. Four years ago, we were renting a condo off of Northwest Blvd. Kyle was working as an EMT on an ambulance, I had…