On going gluten free

Why I had to go gluten free almost a year ago, and what I’ve learned. Warning: this post may include content related to things that ladies don’t typically discuss on the internet. Be warned and rejoice in the fact we live in a time where women are allowed to talk about poop.I had been sick all week. Sick enough to miss work, go to the doctor and camp out on the couch; but not sick enough to miss out on…

Kyle does Movember

Facial Fur for Health | Kyle Does Movember

Every November for the past, I don’t know, five years I have heard references to “Movember.” Until recently I presumed that is was nothing more than a justification for lazy grooming. I admit that I have haphazardly jumped on the bandwagon and grown an upper lip sweater without doing any research or having any clue why Movember came to be. Well this year I decided to change that, so I ventured to the Movember website to see what kind of programs…

My Whole 30 Experience - via Stuck in North Idaho

My Whole 30 Experience

Lot's of people have been jumping on the Whole 30 bandwagon. At first I was critical, thinking it was ridiculous to cut out so many of your favorite foods if you didn't have to. My motto with food has always been everything in moderation, and for the most part I've been pretty satisfied with my outcomes. But over the past few months, things that I normally ate in moderation weren't quite as moderated. Sweets in the office, drinks with friends…