Spring has sprung in North Idaho

April 1, 2014

You guys, it’s happened.


I am loving all the sunshine, chirping birds and green grass. Juneau is loving all the squirrels and extra-long walks and Kyle is loving (big understatement) his new mountain bike. He’ll tell you more about that on a later date. Anywhoo…

This spring I decided to sign up for the Mastering Your DSLR class through A Beautiful Mess. It’s amazing. I’ve taken several other “learn digital photography” classes in the past and this one kicks all their butts.


Our main instructor’s name is Candice Stringham and she is killing it! Each week she breaks down the exposure triangle and has us focus on one aspect for the whole week. We can chat with other students or ask questions in the forums and share our photos in the student gallery. As you might be able to tell, I’m super excited about this.

We’re on week three now and our lesson is introducing us to (da da daaaaaa) manual mode. Wish me good luck! I’m a little nervous but so excited to break out of my “hit the easy button” photography habits.


You may be wondering why I feel the need to better my photos. There’s two major reasons:

1. To better your experience on my blog. You want to see beautiful imagery, right?
2. Because I love it! I wish I would’ve discovered how much I like photography a long time ago. It’s so fun and such a great skill-set to have (especially as a writer/communicator).


I think with the changing seasons comes a sense to switch things up and try something new – or challenge yourself in a new way.

What are you doing to challenge yourself or break out of routine? What kind of photos would you like to see on SINI? Action/adventure? Lifestyle? Food? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Spring!

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