Partner with Stuck in North Idaho

We want to connect with and support groups and companies that fit with the Stuck in North Idaho brand.

The Stuck in North Idaho brand is about embracing life in the Pacific Northwest.

The Brand

The Stuck in North Idaho brand is about embracing life in the Pacific Northwest.

The look is clean, crisp and represents the beauty and nature found in the PNW. Our brand is about getting out and exploring while also enjoying and appreciating what’s close at hand. It’s fun, lively, personal, and real.


There are several ways to partner with Stuck in North Idaho right now, and we are always looking to grow these options and partner with companies in new ways.

Sidebar Ads

If you’re a business/group looking to advertise, we are currently offering 300×300 px. or 300×150 px. sidebar ads. Ads run for a full calendar month.

  • 300×300 – $20
  • 300×150 – $10
  • Custom design – Additional $10

Sponsored Post

Looking for a unique way to get the word out about your company, product, group, or event? Sponsored posts are a great way to educate SINI readers. We’d love to share information about fun events, PNW-based non-profits, products, PNW-based businesses or large companies that are a good fit with our unique personality and presence.

A sponsored post starts at $50 – costs may be higher depending on the amount of design, photography or research required.

There are a few stipulations to be considered for a sponsored post.

  • We will only write sponsored posts about companies/products that we would normally use or write about anyway. It must fit with our personal style and mission.
  • The same goes for groups and events. Does it fit with our culture? Does it seem like something we would normally participate in?
  • Finally, we will incorporate links and photos as we normally would. All imagery must fit with the style of SINI and links will be embedded within the text of the posts, as a c/o under photos or at the end of the post.


Contact us via email at to get started.