Skiing / Snowshoeing

Snow (n.)

atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer. Ex: My favorite snow activities are skiing and snowshoeing.

Farragut State Park in northern Idaho is a great place to snowshoe and catch some great views | vis Stuck in North Idaho

Snowshoeing | Farragut State Park

This winter is proving to be one for the books. With higher than average snowfall, and colder than average temperatures, ...
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Snowshoe | Fernan Saddle via Stuck in North Idaho

Snowshoeing | Fernan Saddle

Snowshoeing is probably my new favorite winter activity. It’s a great way to get outside in the winter without the ...
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Snowmobiling Lookout Pass via

In Search of Snow and Something New: Snowmobiling at Lookout Pass

Hey friends of the Interwebs! I've been pretty boring lately, no? Thankfully Kyle hasn't. Thanks to him for picking up ...
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Silver Mountain, via

A little mountain time at Silver Mountain

I have one rule when it comes to winter weather – if it’s going to be cold, there has to ...
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Happy 2015

It seems like our new holiday tradition involves getting outside for a hike or in this case, snowshoeing. After ringing ...
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If February snow storms bring March run-off and flooding…

Then April better make up for it. And according to the Farmer's Almanac, it will. I'm definitely looking forward to ...
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Snowshoe 4th of July Pass

Can you believe all the snow we've gotten in the past week? Where was this around the holidays? Wherever it ...
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