October 5, 2012

So we’re fortunate enough to have scored tickets to Scarywood on Wednesday before it opened for the public. I was thoroughly impressed by the animatronics and quite honestly the employee’s commitment to their characters.

Between the coco, ghouls, haunted houses, zombies, and rides we had a fabulous time. The Blood Bayou is probably the most impressive out of the haunted houses, but there is a new attraction this year that’s in 3D. That was pretty stinkin’ innovative. I definitely jumped a few times, but it wasn’t scarier than the haunted house in Post Falls (the Lion’s Club one I think). Scarywood might be too scary for kids under 12 and they can’t go on the zombie train until they’re 17. That was the one attraction we didn’t go on because it was really cold and you’re sitting on an open-air train for 30 minutes. Brr…

It was fun for a date night and I think it would be more fun with a group. So what are you doing this weekend? Why not go get your pants scared off at the only haunted theme park in the Inland Northwest.
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