October Wrap-up

November 3, 2014

Stuck in North Idaho Pumpkins - via stuckinnorthidaho.com

Kyle threw me the most obscure (and amazingly fun) costume-meets-dodgeball party in the history of forever. We got team SINI back together (well most of us anyway) and were pummeled by 11-year-olds at Sky High in Spokompton. There was a costume contest and I’m so proud to admit that we won! It totally doesn’t matter that we were the only ones that actually came in costume – at least we won something that night.

Can I please point out Kyle’s awesome yet disturbing costume? It kills me every time I look at it. While Tom and Greg were being ask to get their photos taken with all the kiddos, Kyle got a few odd looks from parents as they redirected their kids to another area. But one lady knew exactly who Kyle was supposed to be (Lt. Dangle from Reno 911) and said that her granddaughter was in the show when she was 10. Small world.

Group Halloween/Dodgeball night at Sky High in Spokane, WA - via stuckinnorthidaho.com

Funny story, I had made a delicious pumpkin bundt cake to take to my friend’s bunco party and it ended up being my birthday cake. It was delicious, I should probably post the recipe. Will I? I doubt I’ll get around to it, but hopefully!

Pumpkin Bundt Cake - via stuckinnorthidaho.com

So that gloriousness all happened on Friday the 24th. On my actual birthday, we went up to Green Bluff with Kristen and Blake. We partook in all the merriment that is pumpkin doughnuts, caramel apples, pumpkin hunting (no dice, it was pretty picked over), and a couple new stops.

Pumpkin Junction at Green Bluff - via stuckinnorthidaho.com

Twilight Cider Works Menu - via stuckinnorthidaho.com

We discovered a new cidery (?) really close to Harvest House called Twilight Cider Works. We scored a free tasting and got to try four of their ciders. Delicious.

Twilight Cider Works at Green Bluff in Spokane WA - via stuckinnorthidaho.com

We ended up buying a bottle, I think it was New Traditions or the Winesap but I’m not sure. I don’t like sweet drinks, so this particular cider was perfect because it was dry. The Inland Empire cider was really unique. It had lots of spices in it, perfect for fall.

Twilight Cider Works at Green Bluff in Spokane, WA - via stuckinnorthidaho.com

Okay, look at the photo above (taken Sunday the 26th) and look at the one below (taken Wednesday the 29th). See the difference? Bingo – the ‘stache is gone-zo. Let’s all take a little moment to celebrate. I have an entire post about the ‘stache floating around in my head… so there’s more of that to come.

We went over to Megan and Dylan’s for a little pumpkin carving (see the finished product above). Mine is the one that says wicked and Kyle did an amazing job recreating the SINI logo. Usually we represent our schools with the WSU Cougar and the BSU Bronco but decided to try something a little different this year.



IMG_2727.JPGHope you all had a wonderful Halloween!


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