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December 4, 2015

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week and spent little (or no) time waiting in shopping lines and traffic.

Life has slowed down quite a bit in the Nagel household. It’s now completely dark before and after work, so I’ve been taking very few pictures, and Kyle had a case of bronchitis so we’ve been laying low for about a week. Yep, it’s officially that time of the year when we hibernate during the week and do our best to get out on the weekends when there’s more light.

So, since I have few stories to tell, and no imagery to share, I thought I’d give you a peek into my Instagram feed and show you some of the very talented people that inspire me every day. So without further ado…

Northwest Instagram Inspiration 

As a photography enthusiast, I love looking at other people’s work and Instagram is a great way to follow some of my favorite photographers from all across the northwest.

This post was originally supposed to be my favorite accounts from Idaho, so only three of them aren’t Idaho-based. I wanted to clarify that because there are a TON of awesome accounts from Washington, Oregon, Montana, and BC that should really be included in this post, but I’m sure I will do more posts in the future. After all, if I feature all my favorites right now, I’ll be out of lazy blog post ideas ;)

Northwest Instagram Inspiration | Stuck in North Idaho

Idaho Explored (idahoexplored)
Idaho Explored features photographers with great images of the Gem State. Scrolling through their feed reminds me of an Idaho-themed calendar or the pretty images that serve as the backgrounds for motivational posters. They cover everything from our beloved Lake Coeur d’Alene, to the rolling foothill of Boise and so much more.

CDA Idaho (cdaidaho)
CDA Idaho is actually a new local business selling Coeur d’Alene themed goods, but they highlight local instagrammers and area photos. They show a little bit of everything from good ol’ Cd’A including beautiful landscapes, portraits, downtown living and their goods.

Idaho Daily (idahodaily)
Your daily dose of Idaho. This is a group of photographers who share both their work and the feature people who use their hashtag #idahodaily. Since they pull from a bunch of different accounts, there’s a lot of variance in their imagery which is a nice contrast to some other accounts I follow where almost every picture looks the same.

Washington State University (wsupullman)
How could I not include my alma mater? It always brightens my day to see the rolling hills of the Palouse and Butch T. Cougar reminding me of game day. Who wouldn’t want to see that while scrolling through Instagram?

Becca Skinner (beccaskinner)
I don’t know if I want to be her, or be friends with her. Either way, her feed is amazing. Becca is a photographer for National Geographic (#coolestjobever) that lives in Montana with her adorable dog. She shares photos from all her adventures around the Northwest and beyond. She makes me want to become an avid backpacker, buy a vintage motorcycle complete with doggy sidecar, take up fly fishing, and majorly up my photography game. Major girl crush.

Pacific Northwest Wonderland (pnwonderland)
This community of adventurers post amazing images of the PNW. From the Oregon Coast, up through Washington and (I think??) parts of Idaho, this stunning feed perfectly captures the spirit of our area.

Rachel Shamberg (rachsham)
I came across Rachel’s feed because she’s a friend-of-a-friend. And apparently, a friend-of-another-friend, and so on. We should probably just become friends too so it’s easier to explain. She’s a Cd’A based photographer, so a lot of what she shares are portraits. But I love her airy style, framing composition and indie-vibes clients. She mixes in cute pics of her dog and and pretty pictures of the Coeur d’Alene area.

Brock James (brock_james)
I can’t tell where Brock is from, but I think Idaho or Oregon. He posts photos of his adventures from all over the PNW and feature bright, colorful landscapes and the occasional furry creature.

Visit Idaho (visitidaho)
Visit Idaho’s official Instagram is full of fun pics from around the state. Most of the photos highlight southern Idaho and the Boise area, and features a variety of photographers. It’s really fun to see photos of towns I haven’t visited yet and learn about new spots to see and events.

Be sure to follow these guys (and me!) for a peek into the lives of our great northwest explorers.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a wonderful weekend!


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