Third time’s the charm: Marie Creek

October 15, 2014

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Do you guys have a hike or a walk that you do over and over but never really seem to advance on? For us, that’s been Marie Creek.  We have hiked this trail two other times (here and here) and got to the same spot both times. Never made it beyond the creek.

Until now…

IMG_2628.JPGI think I expected the trail to be more mountainous and hilly, like it starts, so when we continued past the creek (both exclaiming that we made it further than ever before) I was surprised when the scenery changed into a little valley. After the valley we followed the trail into the woods, it was shady and chilly, full of moss and water. The changes in the scenery was so cool to see. Very rarely do we find trails around here that offer everything from challenging hills, a rocky creek, grassy fields, and a mossy forest. IMG_2631.JPGIMG_2633.JPG

I really want to go back to this spot for our Christmas photos this year. The light was so warm and lovely in the late afternoon. I wanted to spread out a blanket and camp out for the day. Which would have been totally possible because there were a few fire pit areas created at the base of the hills. Pretty elaborate fire pits, actually. I want to find out who built these and have them come put one in our back yard. IMG_2632.JPG


We did this hike two weeks ago, the colors were just starting to change. I bet they would be beautiful now. Lots of yellows and golds lighting up the trail.


The creek came and went throughout the hike. There’s mention of a waterfall at some point, but we didn’t get there – or it might be during the spring runoff. There were definitely a few spots that get washed out and pretty muddy. Juneau appreciated the crisp water and even though it wasn’t a particularly warm day, keeping her out of the water was out of the question. IMG_2629.JPGI want to get in a couple more fall hikes before the colors leave us for the season. Any suggestions?

Hope you’re enjoying our beautiful fall!


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