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October 16, 2015

Goal Quote via Stuck in North Idaho

Goals, deadlines, it’s what’s on my mind.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t taken much time to write lately. I haven’t updated the blog since Kyle finished the Coeur d’Fondo, I haven’t written in my personal journal and I’ve been putting off some freelance projects simply due to a lack of inspiration.

That’s the biggest challenge when you work in a creative field – if the inspiration isn’t there, you’ve got nothing. It can be a bit scary to rely on your personal feelings and thoughts in order to perform adequately in a professional setting. Some people get it and give you space, others don’t understand and expect you to be able to crank out content like it’s, well, your job.

So that’s where I’ve been living, in this weird in-between space of deadlines and no ideas. I’ll get over it and be able to create  more consistently again, I always do. In the meantime all of my creative juices are being directed to the work that pays the bills – priorities, man.

Current Projects

In the past I’ve mentioned new freelance projects I’m working on with a promise to follow up with more information. Well, in true Andrea fashion, I forgot on both accounts to follow up and tell you guys what I’ve been up to.

N’spire Magazine

I wrote two articles for the last issue of N’spire. The first is about my first experience mountain biking and the second is about hiking out to some waterfalls. Actually, the last one is loosely based on our experience when we hiked out to Fern Falls last spring.

Wedding Nook

I started managing a blog for a local company called Wedding Nook. Our buddy Chuck works there and approached me about testing out a blog feature for their site.


I worked as an on-site wedding coordinator for six years, so this seemed like a really good fit for me. I love everyone that I’ve met so far and am enjoying working on content outside of my typical day-to-day. I haven’t see this much pink and ruffles in a very long time.

Website Consulting

At my day job, I help manage our web content and social media accounts. Because people know this about me, and have seen my blog, I’ve been approached by a couple small businesses and an author about building them a site or doing some consulting. I built a site and small shop for Andrea Johnston, a local author, and am currently working on designing an brand and site for a local Christmas tree farm.


I’m continuing to take on photography clients and recently did another maternity shoot and have a family or two lined up for this fall.

So needless to say, I’ve been pretty busy and I hope this explains why I haven’t been around much.  Outside of working like a fiend, Kyle completed his first Coeur d’Fondo – his team finished in 5 hours and 47 minutes, nearly 15 minutes faster than their goal.

Coeur d'Fondo

I recently spent some time at Gizmo and desperately need to go back. I left that place energized and inspired, wanting to create and learn some new skills. Boy, I could sure use that this week. I do have a post planned for this in the near future, complete with photos of an adorable shop dog.

Gizmo CdA

My co-worker is pregnant with her first little girl, and we had an office baby shower for her last Friday. I made her a mobile out of card stock circles and it ended up being way more difficult than I anticipated. I figured it would take me around 3 hours to complete – oh no. It took me about 10. Apparently, crafting skills are like a foreign language, if you don’t use ‘em, you lose ‘em!

Cheers to the weekend! Here’s a list of some of my favorite things around the web this past week:

  • This little boy warms my heart and soul; I totally want to buy my nephew a camera now. Be sure to watch the whole video.
  • This article brought a tear to my eye multiple times. I also never leave the dog behind.
  • Speaking of dogs, I think I may need to order this shirt.

Oh, and how ’bout them Cougs?



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