It’s international, baby

September 19, 2013


That’s right, this year’s wooden boat show is bigger and better than ever. This year the Chamber is partnering with the (ACBS) Antique and Collectible Boat Society’s International Boat Show to bring only the crème de la crème of wooden boats to our beautiful lake.



The show runs the 17-21 at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. Now you might be wondering, “Don’t you and Kyle usually volunteer for this event?” And the answer to that is yes, but unfortunately Kyle got scheduled to work and I (not so unfortunately) opted to spend the day with my dad, golfing in a tournament and going to the Wazzu homecoming game (there’s no way I could turn down free golf and tickets to the Cougs game, sorry Tony! Go Cougs!). So we won’t be there this year as worker bees. I do hope I can at least walk down for a bit and snap some photos. These pics are all from last year (in case you were wondering). 



But, I do know it’s going to be amazing because Tony Parks and his crew from the marina are on it like white on rice. They bust their butts every year to make this show happen, and because it’s such an honor to host the international show, it’s sure to be better than ever. Another reason I’m sad to not be a part of it this year.

IMG_1369 2012_WoodBoatShow__9000


This is the third year Cd’A will play host to this particular event, the only city to host it more than once. That just goes to show you what a big deal this really is. As a seasoned boat show goer (said in my best British accent for extra flair) I can fully attest to the beauty and originality of these boats. Each one has a history and a story, and I would consider each one a work of art. The boat owners are always very friendly and eager to tell the story of their boat, so be sure to ask questions and learn yourself something.

Happy sailing!

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