It’s a wrap! Another successful show.

August 21, 2012

Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend. My husband and I are lucky enough to be friends with the dock master at the Boardwalk Marina, and because of this we are able to help out with the Wooden Boat Show this year. This was just our second year doing it, but it is such a blast, despite the heat this year.
We get to talk with the boat owners, help them dock and push off and generally just make sure they’re having a good time so they’ll come back again. Their boats are just stunning and everyone who comes enjoys looking at them and dreaming about having one some day. It’s quite the lifestyle choice, I think I could get on board. Literally. 
The event was a total success and we are all so grateful for those who came from out of the area to show their boats. 

Next year’s event will be an international show, meaning more boats, more people and hopefully cooler weather since it will be a little later. Take a look at my photos from this year above. Enjoy!

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