This Weekend North Idaho: Ironman Edition

June 26, 2014

This Weekend North Idaho

This time last year I gave you the Top Five Things to do While Visiting for Ironman. While those were definitely some good ideas (if I do say so myself), I will be doing my best to avoid going out this weekend. Although I know that, unlike me, a lot of you probably enjoy all the craziness that Ironman brings, so for you, I give you: the Top Five Things I Would do Over Ironman Weekend if I Didn’t Want to Avoid the Crowds. A little wordy, but it’ll do.

Check out some live music.
If you’re not saving your energy and carb-loading for the big race, I recommend checking out the live music throughout the area. Downtown Cd’A will certainly have more options, but places like Daanen’s Deli in Hayden and the Pend d’Oreille winery in Sandpoint (among others I’m sure) won’t disappoint. Plus, if you head North a bit, you’ll be more likely to avoid long waits. My personal favorite for live music on Fridays is Robert Vaughn at Beverly’s. Very chill, great guitar and classic rock. Plus he always takes requests.

Experience North Idaho at its finest.
And I don’t mean fine dining and manners. I’m talkin’ the Monster Truck Mash Up at the fairgrounds. Beer in a can with the belly to match, the fairgrounds never disappoint.

I think this is on my list for what to do anywhere, ever. But the best way to relax and soak in the local atmosphere (if you’re visiting) or people watch and play the game “spot the tourist” (it’s not that hard) eating is just the best. I’ve mentioned some of my favorites in my top five last year, plus some others here, here and here.

I’m not talking super strenuous unless you’re not competing – in that case there’s no excuses. Some of my favorites are Marie Creek, Gold Trail #3, Caribou Ridge, Bernard Peak, and of course our little hills, Tubb’s and Mineral Ridge.

Be one with the lake.
In case you haven’t noticed, we are surrounded by lakes. Go do something on them. Rent a boat from the Boardwalk Marina or Tobler’s (in Hayden). Rent some paddleboards from the Cd’A Paddleboard Co. (on Sherman). Or, just go to one of the many beaches and enjoy being here. Whether you’re visiting or not, sometimes it’s just important to take it all in.

One of SINI’s Facebook groupies, Tom, has been great about utilizing the page to connect with people, but no one is connecting back! We want SINI to be a hub for locals and visitors to connect and share info. about what’s going on in North Idaho. He posted an opportunity to go hiking a week or so ago (I think we were in Boise) and I hope he was able to get some people together. Now, please don’t use the page to self-advertise your garage sale this weekend… but do see if people are interested in meeting up for a hike, bike ride, girls or guys night, etc.

Have a fantastic weekend! We’re painting our house this weekend, but I hope we can sneak away to cheer on some friends racing. Good luck and welcome to all our Ironman competitors!

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