I like big mutts…

May 28, 2013

It’s true…


And I saw a TON of them at the dog show this past weekend. Literally a flock of Juneaus running around being adorable. I think I have my retirement all planned out now.

My parents and I have been going to the yearly dog show at the fairgrounds since I was a kid. I’m a crazy dog person, I realize this. But this year the coolest part was sharing this with my nephews and teaching them about all the different breeds and what they’re bread for. Now Drew has a new favorite breed (Schipperke), one that he had never heard of before. It was great to see them interested in something other than iPhones, iPads or cars (although as you know I’m also a fan of those).

Check out a few pics I snapped with my phone:

This Newfoundland was huge! His name is Glacier.


Like I said… a flock of Juneaus


Loving this girl’s bedazzled hair clip. And I thought Juneau was a princess!

The dog show is a great family tradition and learning experience. Just please ask the dog owners before you pet their dogs.

With summer quickly approaching, I want to give you the run-down on all things doggie this week! I’m hoping to score a rendering of the new McEuen dog park … a girl can only dream. I’ll also include a list of fundraisers, walks and some of my favorite shops. I guess I need to make a Juneau stamp of approval for these kind of posts.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!


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