Happy 2015

January 2, 2015


It seems like our new holiday tradition involves getting outside for a hike or in this case, snowshoeing.

After ringing in the New Year, Kyle, Megan, Dylan and I took the dogs up to Fourth of July Pass for a little snowshoe action. We haven’t gone snowshoeing much, but it’s quickly becoming my favorite winter activity. Probably because it’s the snowy version of hiking, my favorite warm-weather activity.

There’s something about being out in nature when no one else is that makes you feel more connected and at peace. Even though we parked among three or four other cars, once we hit the trail it was like we were the only ones out there for miles. Even the hum of the interstate faded as we trekked up into the mountains.


The snow caused the tree limbs to hang low and the surrounding woods fall silent, giving in to the softness of the fresh powder. The only disturbance came from our own crazy dogs as they celebrated and ran amok. Winter is hands-down Juneau’s favorite time of year. When everyone else turns to hibernation, she’s ready venture out and play.



While Bear (above) and Beatrice (below) are always ready for action, they also seem to share Juneau’s affinity for the snow. Bear frequently stopped to roll around and chase his friends, while Bea had no problem sticking her face in the freshest snow and collecting quite the snow beard which she later shared as it melted all over our laps on the car ride home. Thanks, Bea. IMG_2896.JPG


There was a time, not too long ago that I dreaded winter each year. I was a terrible snowboarder, hadn’t skied since I was 5, and really only got out to fight the roads to work. I am so thankful for discovering snowshoeing and for Kyle’s patience as I navigate carving on a snowboard.

I must say, I’m getting much better and have a newfound appreciation for winter.


IMG_2888.JPGHope your New Year is also off to a great start and may 2015 bring you great friends and adventures.

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    1. Gorgeous photos! Those dogs look adorable especially with all the snow on their little faces! haha. Happy new year :)

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