Take a Hike | Gold Hill Trail 3

August 6, 2013


I’ve decided that this should be Kyle’s new motto. Whenever we go camping or plan to be outside, he never checks the weather and opts not to go because of a little dampness (or a lot in some cases).

Case in point: Last Friday we took the day off and went up to the Sagle/Sandpoint area for a little hiking. Much to my dismay it was pouring all day. Remember? I don’t think I’ve had to water my plants since. Anyway… we decided to go ahead and hike anyway.

“A little rain won’t hurt you.” I swear some day our kids will rue this phrase. But I am so glad we went, despite the rain, because it was beautiful and we pretty much had the entire trail to ourselves.

Thank goodness for rain jackets.

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Gold Hill Trail 3, nestled back in Bottle Bay of Lake Pend d’Oreille, is a 3.7 mile climb with a 1,200 ft. elevation change. It was a good workout, that’s for sure. Beautiful greenery and wildlife (unless you bring Juneau who manages to scare everything away) make it well worth the trek. Be sure to bring a camera for this one. Even the dreary, misty day made for great photos.


Juneau had a blast running around, chasing deer and squirrels.
Now that’s the sign of a happy, tired pup.


The view from the top was beautiful. I’d love to go back on a clear, sunny day. You could see the entire longbridge going over to Sandpoint, as well as the town itself. The Selkirk were kind of in view, and would definitely be on a sunny day.

What a stud.


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    1. Sounds like a nice hike for autumn when the leaves are changing. See ya at the end of the trail.

      1. Definitely. We’re thinking about going back the first couple weeks of October. If you beat me there be sure to share pics!

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