Fall Festivities (so far)

October 10, 2013

Fall is definitely here. Cold, rainy weather has set in, but I’m not letting that prevent me from enjoying the season. Here’s what we’ve been up to so far…

Coeur d’Alene Oktoberfest

I’m officially Oktoberfested out. We learned the hard way this year that going to the downtown festival on Friday isn’t the way to go. There were very few people, the band (while good) ended pretty early and there just wasn’t much going on. I heard that Saturday was better, but overall our Oktoberfest seemed pretty sad in comparison to our other Oktoberfest adventure last weekend (more about that below).

It would be great to have another venue where you didn’t have to walk around everywhere, but rather there would be booths and tents with heaters or something. It could definitely be better.


But, there was this girl that was stacking beer mugs on the table. Very impressive. Sadly, that was the most entertaining part of the evening. Another plus is that my typically non-beer-drinking buddy joined in this year – and liked it! Woot woot! Welcome to the brew side, Clarissa!


Fall Goodies

I made pumpkin cupcakes for the first time this year. For those that don’t know me very well, I can be a little cupcake obsessed. No one complains though, because they’re the ones that benefit from it the most.

I used this recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker with my own cream cheese frosting. Delish!! I also substituted the wet ingredients for 8 oz. of pumpkin ale. Even better – Oktoberfest with frosting :)


Sandpoint Oktoberfest

This is why I am now very disappointed with Cd’A’s Oktoberfest.

Sandpoint’s festival had live music that played well past last call (and had been going all day), it was in a rad (yes I still use that word – hello 80’s!) and unique location – the old granary on Oak St. They used beer from LOCAL breweries. How cool is that? They had a competition (which we missed) and everything was in one location.

Not to mention the band that was playing when we got there was both hilarious and talented. The Alliance is a medieval themed rock band. Who knew such a thing exists?  I thinketh they rock.



After the festival we ate dinner at our our favorite place in Sandpoint, Mick Duff’s, and camped at an awesome spot along the lake, outside of Sagle. We literally (channeling my inner Chris Traeger here) camped right on the beach at Green Bay. Absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to go back this summer – when we’re not freezing.

Between the good food, friends, music, treats, and constant hashtag referencing (thanks to Jimmy Fallon and JT) – last weekend was probably my favorite weekend so far this fall. But there’s still time to top it :)

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