Engagement Photos: Danielle + Brad

August 18, 2015

Meet Danielle and Brad. They’re adorable, but I’m sure you’ve already observed that. They met a few years ago at a party that Brad’s uncle was hosting. Brad was there as a guest, and Danielle was the “hired help” for the evening.

“I saw Brad when I walked in and remember thinking how cute he was,” she reminisced as we strolled along the shore by Higgins Point. “I was determined to be professional and not make contact, but then he started talking with me and kept offering to help. We were laughing and flirting, I guess professional went out the window.”


It’s a good thing they chatted that night, because these two seem like the perfect match. Danielle is a California-native, Brad from Western Washington. Together they’ve settled in the beautiful Inland Northwest to start their life together.

To celebrate and show off their new home, they requested a “lake-y” scene with pretty views for their engagement photos, I added the sunset, just for flair.

These are some of my favorite shots from our shoot earlier this month. Enjoy!

Congrats to the very happy couple, can’t wait for the wedding day!



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