My Easter Weekend.

April 21, 2014

This photo is a miracle. I don’t know that I’ll ever get her to both sit still and wear something on her head for longer than half a second ever again. Soak in the cuteness while you can…

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! Ours was go-go-go but so much fun. We spent Saturday night celebrating my mom and dad’s 65th birthdays. April is a busy month for my family and birthdays. My dad’s was April 20, our oldest nephew’s is April 24 and my mom’s (Fun Fact: this is also my half-birthday) is April 26. It’s going to be another crazy week!

My sisters and I have been working for months to plan a surprise birthday party for them. All their friends came to celebrate with us – it was great.

I swear I did nothing but eat on Sunday. Brunch with Kyle’s parents, dinner with mine. Delicious, but I think I’m still full. Now that that’s over I feel like it’s time to hit the gym and the road to amp up for summer. So ready!

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    1. Awww! She’s adorable!! Love the ears :) Sounds like you had a crazy busy month so far! Wow. We did brunch on sunday, too… not much else after that! It was fun :)

      Have a good weekend!

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