Will Cd’A ever have it’s downtown back?

March 19, 2014

Yesterday at running group we had the privilege of detouring between Sherman, Lakeside and Front due to all the new downtown construction in front of the Resort and today I got a better look at it while taking Juneau for a walk.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I thought all this is supposed to be wrapping up soon?” The answer is yes – in May allegedly.

In the meantime I guess they feel like they can tear up any part of the city they want and call it part of the McEuen project. Which is fine I guess as long as it’s done in time for Ironman.

There was an article in the Cd’A Press today about the construction. If you just want to know what it is they’re working on a few quick points of interest:

  • The Centennial Trail in front of the Resort is being widened to allow for more foot and bike traffic.
  • The area on Front Ave. between Second and Third will eventually be permanently closed to through traffic to become a pedestrian-only corridor.
  • This particular project has more to do with installing better sidewalks that are wheel-chair friendly than anything else. It will affect more areas downtown than what is currently being worked on.



Is anyone else just ready to see the finished project? I swear, no one is going to want to come back and visit if they think we’re constantly under construction. Can’t wait till May!



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    1. Isn’t about time for the new 14 floor condo project Lakeside One due to start at the NW corner of 1st and Lakeside? When they begin to tear down the old brick Mudge apt bldg. there, and get the cranes going up, that should pretty much close all of downtown. The new park will be nice and worth waiting for, but it doesn’t look like a good part of it will be done and able to be used for a while. Kids’ playground, sport courts, and pavilion plus Harbor House at Tubbs Hill trailhead and lake overlook will be. Probably the Front Street promenade with benches to eat Hudson’s hamburgers on, also. Dibs on the Sun Dial Overlook spot at the end of 5th Street.

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