Terrible Tilly along the Oregon coast is said to be haunted

Road Trip: Cannon Beach, Part 2, Ecola State Park

This is the second part of our trip to Cannon Beach in April. You can read part 1 here. View Kyle's video of our trip here. There's no way we can go on a vacation and not explore the local hiking scene - it's just not possible. Earlier this week I shared the first part of our trip to Cannon Beach which involved a sweet lodge and lots of good food. Today I'm sharing my favorite part, our hike in Ecola…

Take an awesome trip to Cannon Beach, OR

Road Trip: Cannon Beach, Part 1

I’ve been wanting to take a trip to Oregon for well over a year and we finally made the 464 mile trek to Cannon Beach in April. I know, I know, this post is a little late. But with travel and camping season in full swing, I feel like it's still relevant. (Psst... You can check out Kyle's video from the trip here.) We made the tough decision to leave Juneau at home this trip. Because neither of us had ever been…