On going gluten free

Why I had to go gluten free almost a year ago, and what I’ve learned. Warning: this post may include content related to things that ladies don’t typically discuss on the internet. Be warned and rejoice in the fact we live in a time where women are allowed to talk about poop.I had been sick all week. Sick enough to miss work, go to the doctor and camp out on the couch; but not sick enough to miss out on…

2016 in Review | Stuck in North Idaho

Our 2016 in review | My view from a new year

Wow, 2016 ended with a bang. I've been trying to give myself a break from the internet for a while because I had a hard time dealing with all the negativity post-election. Whether they were joking or not, a lot of my contacts were choosing to focus on the low points of the year. In thinking about it, yeah, a lot of bad things happened globally, but so did a lot of good things. And when I narrow my focus…

Kyle's doin' 29 right

Cheers to Kyle’s 29th

So far, Kyle’s 29th year is off to a amazing start and I hope the momentum continues. In the six short weeks since his birthday, he’s flown a small Cessna, completed a half Ironman, biked the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier, and is now completing a motorcycle trip to Alaska and back. Not bad, eh? For Kyle’s birthday this year, I wanted to do something special because 29 can sometimes be one of those “Meh” birthdays for people.…

Kyle does Movember

Facial Fur for Health | Kyle Does Movember

Every November for the past, I don’t know, five years I have heard references to “Movember.” Until recently I presumed that is was nothing more than a justification for lazy grooming. I admit that I have haphazardly jumped on the bandwagon and grown an upper lip sweater without doing any research or having any clue why Movember came to be. Well this year I decided to change that, so I ventured to the Movember website to see what kind of programs…

Hike to Revett Lake near Murray, Idaho | Stuck in North Idaho