Pulaski Tunnel Trail in Wallace, Idaho | Stuck in North Idaho

Take a Hike | Pulaski Tunnel Trail

A hike back to 1910Last week Kyle, Juneau and I set out to go hike outside of Wallace. As we drove over the pass heading east, the already dark, smoky sky continued to become more dense, filling our car with the smell of smoke. About halfway to Kellogg we made the call to turn around and go back home - not wanting to expose ourselves to more smoke than absolutely necessary. This isn’t the first time our area has been…

Shadow Falls located in the Coeur d'Alene National Forest | Stuck in North Idaho

Take a Hike | Shadow Falls

Nestled just off the forest service roads of the Coeur d'Alene National Forest, Shadow Falls is easily one of the most popular spectacles along the Coeur d'Alene River. Back in May 2015, we attempted to hike to Shadow Falls for a story I was working on (you can read about that trip here). While driving along the river, we encountered snowy conditions that only worsened once we turned onto Trail 513. My little Subie could barely handle the conditions, and…

Take a Hike | Bud Howard (aka Big Tree) Trail

A quick hike close to home can be hard to find. We are constantly on the lookout for trails and mini-adventures we can squeeze in during the workweek or on busy weekends. There are several great resources out there to track down local trailheads, including several apps, for those looking for a great day hike. My favorite resources are: (Please note: This post is not sponsored, these are apps and resources I use because they work best for me) The All…

Motorcycle trip to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs | Stuck in North Idaho

Road Trip | Jerry Johnson Hot Springs

Way back in May we took a weekend trip southeast and landed at Jerry Johnson Hot Springs. If memory serves me right (be warned, it usually doesn't), this was a last-minute, let's-get- out-of-town trip that ended up being incredibly fun. We had heard about the hot springs from some friends last summer and were anxious to check them out. There are several hot springs scattered along the Idaho/Montana border and we hope to visit them all. Jerry Johnson Hot Springs…

Hike to Revett Lake near Murray, Idaho | Stuck in North Idaho