Take a Hike | Bud Howard (aka Big Tree) Trail

June 15, 2017

A quick hike close to home can be hard to find.

We are constantly on the lookout for trails and mini-adventures we can squeeze in during the workweek or on busy weekends. There are several great resources out there to track down local trailheads, including several apps, for those looking for a great day hike. My favorite resources are: (Please note: This post is not sponsored, these are apps and resources I use because they work best for me)

  • The All Trails App
    My favorite resources are those whose content is curated by the user. WIth All Trails, you can see trails close by and access maps, photos, user ratings, and descriptions. You can even create your own hike and map the trail as you go. There’s a free version and a premium version available.
  • Forest Service Website
    You can’t go wrong using official resources. You know the info. is good, accurate and (hopefully) up-to-date.
  • Strava
    This wouldn’t be my first choice for hiking (as it’s primarily used for cyclists), but it’s great if you’re a trail runner or mountain biker. I follow the Trail Maniacs group and use them as a resource for backcountry running options.

Thanks, Bud

I don’t know the history behind the Bud Howard Trail on Canfield Mountain, but I sure am glad I found it. This one kept popping up in my All Trails feed but the description made it sound further away than it really was. Turns out it’s located at the Dalton Gardens/Hayden border, at the top of a neighborhood lovingly known to locals as Snob Hill.

The trail is in great condition overall. You pass through some heavily forested sections as well as open hillside. Views of Coeur d’Alene, Hayden and Post Falls sweep below. There’s a couple steep sections, and if you choose to take them, you’ll be greatly rewarded with views of Hayden Lake and the surrounding area.

The Best Time to Visit

The trail was still a bit muddy in spots due to our wet spring, so I’d say late spring and all summer would be a great time to explore. Bud Howard Trail connects directly to the Canfield forest service road, as well as the Totten Pond trail. Since hiking this trail, I’ve talked with several people that say they like to snowshoe there in the winter as well.

Getting There

And also, is it just me or does this stump look an aweful lot like a portal to the Upsidedown?

Happy trails!

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