August in North Idaho

August 18, 2014

Hola amigos, long time no see. Let me first apologize (yet again) for my absence lately. I know it’s been a week or so since my last post and that’s super lame. I’ve been severely lacking in the creativity department and even more so in motivation. So even though I wasn’t physically on vacation (dang it!) I needed a little mental break from the blog. Time to focus on the job that actually pays the bills and just relax when I got home. Kinda…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks! We’ve had several big events happening in the area, and even though I wasn’t actively posting about them, I was trying to participate and support them. So, without further ado, my August thus far…

Art on the Green

Love Art on the Green. And the Street Fair. In fact, I love it so much that it’s the only time the entire year that I’m willing to spend more than $100 in one sitting. And even though I would have loved to spend in on a piece of art by Christina Hull or finally purchase my Cd’A Lake map for the living room, I spent it on two pairs of Sanuks. My other ones were literally getting holes in the bottom. Next year.

This year, my favorite part was getting to see one of my favorite bands perform at NIC. The Senate. I know I mention them in my last Art on the Green post, but they are fantastic! We’ve been listening to their album on repeat ever since. It was great to see them back together. I wish we would’ve road tripped over to Seattle for their concert the next weekend – because who know’s when they’ll be touring again.

The Senate

Oh well. Until then I guess I’ll just have to Instagram stalk Nick Drummond (did I just say that out loud??).

Cd’A Tri

Our friend Greg competed in his first triathlon this year – I think he did great! The Cd’A triathlon is such a beautiful course, but can be really challenging due to some serious hills and choppy water.


Kendrich competed as a team for this race, along with two of his friends. They’ve been competing as team “Tri Hard” or the “Tri Hards” – I’m not sure which. But they’ve been kicking ass. Getting first or second in every race they’ve competed in so far this year.

My always diligent lookout :)
My always diligent lookout :)


Big Moon Rising

This isn’t really a community event so much as just a really cool thing to see. Earlier this month we had what people like to call a “super moon” – meaning it was super close, therefore, super huge.


Festival at Sandpoint

You know how there are those things you say you’re going to do every year but never actually do? Well for me it’s been the Festival at Sandpoint. I have missed out on so many of my favorite artists performing out of sheer laziness (and poorness most likely). However, this year my good buddy Megan put an end to that by scoring two free tickets from a co-worker. Hallelujah, I’ve been saved!

Sandpoint Music Fest with Megan

We went to see Ray LaMontagne on the 15th and it was great. We brought wine and snacks and were able to just chill. The show was great, but the venue was better. I’m definitely hooked for life. Plus, I made the best purchase ever, RE: Adult Sippy Cup. No spillage here!

Sandpoint Music Festival - Adult Sippy Cupsandpoint music fest 1_stuckinnorthidaho

Ales for the Trail

This year was also my first time attending Ales for the Trail. This fun event brought together the best North Idaho breweries (and a few from across the border), excluding MickDuff’s – where were you guys?? There was a lot of beer to taste and the set-up at McEuen was great. I really hope they do Oktoberfest down there this year. For $30 you got six beer tickets and if you rode your bike down – which we did – you were entered to win raffle prizes. All proceeds benefited the Centennial Trail Foundation.

Ales for the Trail

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CdA Resort

Trying to Soak in Summer

The one thing I hate about summer is how fast it goes by. It seems like I go into panic mode a little bit once August hits. Like, “Oh my gosh we have to pack everything we’ve ever wanted to do in before August 30 or we’re never going to get another chance!”

I know that’s not realistic. But hey, it’s a good motivator to get out. Since the first of August we’ve gone paddle boarding with Mike and Hilary (neighbor friends), done everything above, and squeezed in a few BBQs, family time, and beach fun.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

We tried taking our niece, Gabbi, to the beach (I think for her first time??) and she napped through most of it. But on the bright side, she looked awfully cute sleeping in her car seat. Just like her auntie, never willing to part with her afternoon snack. No need to get “hangry” here.


Kyle and Greg participated in a rousing game of volleyball with some random beach people while I chilled (aka sweated) in the shade with miss Gabbi. Summer is lovely.

NIC Volleyball_stuckinnorthidaho

Hope your August is off to a great start! Let’s hope for a warm, sunny September to keep the good times rollin’.


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