A reason to celebrate…

March 16, 2014

Happy Sunday, friends! Hope your weekend has been as fun-filled as ours. It was particularly fun because we got to celebrate a very special little girl, our niece Gabbi.

Gabbi turns 1

It’s hard to believe she’s already been around a year, but she has so seamlessly fit in it’s also hard to imagine life without her. I have to give Kyle’s sister props – not only did she produce the world’s cutest little girl, she has also been one heck of a mama to this little chub.

Always with the tongue


Loved my cupcakes

So happy birthday to our sweet Gabbi! May your next year be full of all of the love and happiness we all know you deserve. May you grow and learn and explore. May you learn about making friends, sharing and the joy of trying new things.

My favorite things I learned about you this year:

1. You love food.
2. You’re never afraid of a challenge – just like your mom.
3. You love to dance.

Love you!

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