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January 8, 2015

On the dock - Family Photo Session via StuckinNorthIdaho.com

It’s funny how things change over time. When I first started blogging way back in 2010 it was solely as a creative outlet. It then morphed into a way I could better share our life with friends and relatives we don’t get to see often. Once some people started reading it more, I decided to use Stuck in North Idaho as a way to market my writing, web and social media skills. It was around the time I started reading A Beautiful Mess and delving into the black hole that is Pinterest, that I realized my photography needed to be a lot stronger if I wanted to grow to compete with the big boys.

Now, I get more requests for photography than anything else. Go figure.

So, when I was approached to do some family photos over the holiday, I was thrilled.

Front Porch Family Photo Session via StuckinNorthIdaho.com

You may remember our friends Mike and Hilary (on the far left) as I’ve mentioned them a few times. Their claim to fame is winning our 2013 Halloween costume contest.

Family Photo Session via StuckinNorthIdaho.com

Hil’s family was in town visiting for the holidays. Her parents came from Arizona and her sister and nephews from Atlanta. It was an opportune time to document this special occasion.

HIlary and Amanda at City Beach - Family Photo Session via StuckinNorthIdaho.com

Family Photo Session via StuckinNorthIdaho.com

Snowball fight on the beach - Family Photo Session via StuckinNorthIdaho.com

Their family is unusually attractive, so I can’t take all the credit, but I’m really happy with how the images turned out. The trees around the lake were dusted with snow and the low-flying clouds created a perfect gradient from mountain to sky. Taking photos of so many people at one time was challenging. My theory of “just take a million photos and at least one has to turn out right” definitely came into play. Either someone was blurry, blinking or I did something wrong. Luckily we also got some gems.

Thanks again to Hilary and her wonderful family for letting me capture these special family moments.

Contact stuckinnorthidaho@gmail.com to learn more about photo sessions. Because, apparently I do that now.
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    1. We love how the photos turned out!! You are a very talented photographer! The whole crew enjoyed the photo shoot, which is not normally the case. A lot of that can be attributed to you and your talented assistant making it a fun event, and the snowball fight at the end. The backdrop at Independence Point was perfect and looks almost surreal in the photos. I will be scheduling another photo session with you to get some photos of the dogs. In addition to being a great photographer of people, you do an amazing job capturing dogs’ personalities. Thanks again for a fun and successful photo shoot!

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